Nikolaus-von-Myhra-School, Philippsburg LBS-Pavillon Karlsruhe Europahalle, Karlsruhe  

1. distinction from the BDA (Association of German Architects) with the Hugo-Häring- badge
2. Business building of the Landesbausparkasse, Karlsruhe
3. Administration building LOK/SSV, Karlsruhe
4. Europahalle, Karlsruhe
5. Residential and business building Kapellenstraße, Karlsruhe
6. Pavilion of the Landesbausparkasse, Karlsruhe
7. Nikolaus-von-Myra-School, Philippsburg
8. Carl-Benz-School, Gaggenau
9. Prison Heimsheim
10. Business building of the Landwirtschaftliche Sozialversicherung Baden, Karlsruhe


Indoor swimming hall Bretten 1. prize
Prison Heimsheim 1. prize
Railway station Vaihingen 1. prize
Training building for further education Mannheim 1. prize
Town hall Malsch 1. prize
Structural competition Landesbausparkasse 1. prize
High school, sports and swimming hall Philippsburg 1. prize
Sportspark Karlsruhe 1. prize
Savings bank Eppingen 1. prize
Facade reconstruction Landratsamt Raststatt 1. prize
Reconstruction and extension of the trade school Gaggenau 1. prize
Education centre Ettlingen 1. prize
Indoor and outdoor swimming hall Hechingen 1. prize
Town hall Greifenhausen 1. prize
Idea competition Landesbausparkasse 1. prize group
Michelin Karlsruhe 1. prize group
Middle school Philippsburg 1. rang
Computer centre Sigmaringen 1. rang
Municipal hall Karlsruhe 1. rang
Computer centre Lahr 1. rang
Weiherhof swimming hall Karlsruhe- Durlach 1. rang
Extension university Bayreuth prize
Public insurance company Mannheim prize
School centre Kirlach prize
School centre Bruchsal prize
Engineer school Ravensberg prize
Middle school Salmbach prize
Town hall Pforzheim prize
Idea competition Zündhütle prize
Employment exchange Karlsruhe prize
Primary school Bruchsal prize
School centre Ispringen prize
Municipal hall Mannheim prize
Town hall Obrigheim prize
School centre Neureut prize
State employment exchange Frankfurt prize
Market place Philippsburg prize
School centre Ettlingen purchase
Residential centre Baitinger Freiburg purchase
Farm Lober purchase
Main administration Koch Freiburg purchase
Saving bank Kirchheim/Teck purchase
Raiffeisenbank (cooperative bank) Bruchsal purchase
Theatre Karlsruhe purchase
Middle school Pfaffenrot purchase
Development scheme Untergrombach purchase
Town hall Pforzheim 2. stage purchase
Development purpose Dragonerkaserne purchase
Home for the aged Waghäusel purchase
Old part of town Karlsruhe on the short list