Housing development of Volkswohnung, Karlsruhe Housing development of Volkswohnung, Karlsruhe

1. Client:
Volkswohnung GmbH Karlsruhe 2. Project data
Buildingcosts: 11,5 million EUR
Volume: 59.000 m3
Period of time: 1995-1996
Representative: Herr Wibbe
(manager Volkswohnung)
Tel. +49 (0)721/3506-0

3. Description of work
Housing development Franz-Lust-Strasse 18 - 28, Grenadierstrasse 60 - 70
Housing development with 128 rented flats and a 2-story underground parking structure with 295 parking spaces.
The structural program of the Volkswohnung is realized in 2 x 5-6-story housing rows and between are two underground parking structures. Altogether there are 120 differently sized flats and 156 car parking spaces.
On the top of the underground parking structures are gardens for the flats in the first floor, playgrounds and places to stay. The silhouette of the former Grenadier- barracks, continued concerning the urban design in the Bluecherstrasse. The various entrance colours serve as identification of the houses strung together.