JVA Heimsheim Nikolaus-von-Myhra-School, Philippsburg Institutsbau Informatik Universität Karlsruhe  
The offices of Schmitt, Kasimir + Partner have existed since 1960 and in the last few years have employed on average 25 people.

As you can see from our selection of projects, we construct a wide range of buildings. We are not specialised and thus restricted to a specific area, but rather cover the entire bandwidth in the building sector by offering custom individual solutions. The objective of our plans is to develop a custom solution that is appropiate for the respective function. Good architecture for us means to take a logical approach when it comes to designing the edifice, from an urban planning point of view on the smallest of details. In this approach the significance of the construction costs is just as important as is the adherence to schedule. Our offices are organised into various departments: planning, construction preparation and supervision, in turn ensures that the aforementioned objectives are realised during all stages of performance.

We have been employing EDP systems for the tendering, awarding of contracts and project management and control sectors since 1972. As the result of our many years of experience, we are in a position – with the assistance of network analysis, room specifications book and costs broken down into elements – to reliably handle the construction tasks for all parties involved, subject to a permanent supervision of schedule and costs.

Our planning department has been supported by state-of-the art CAD facilities since 1991. This technology allows for an even faster and more flexible handling of the construction tasks. In addition to the above, projects may furthermore be verified and tested already at the very early stage on the basis of 3 D representations. In 1996, the Potsdam (near Berlin ) office of Schmitt, Kasimir + Partner was established. The geographical location of an office has no significance whatsoever thanks to today’s technical and communication possibilities.